Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Start as early as possible

Rheumatoid arthritis

As in many diseases if treatment is started early, it is more likely to limit the risk of aggravation and the risk of joint damage in the medium term.

Information about the disease

Health professionals involved in the management of the disease must obtain, explain, take the time to reassure patients who discover that they have a rheumatoid arthritis, essential elements to optimize the support and the effectiveness of treatments.

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment includes the association of several treatments:
Drug treatments
Local treatments
Psychological support
Functional rehabilitation
Surgical interventions for some people

Professionals involved

Many health professionals will participate in support for the disease.
the physician rheumatologist
the general practitioner
the nurse
the physiotherapist
functional rehabilitation doctor
the orthopedic surgeon
the occupational therapist
The psychologist or psychiatrist
the social worker,

Drug treatment

Symptomatic drug treatment

Symptomatic drug treatments to relieve pain and inflammation.
The non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (drugs NSAIDs)

Substantive drug treatment

Different background treatments are involved in the fight against the disease.
The metotrexate
Gold salts
Antimalarial drug synthesis
Immunosuppressive drugs

Local treatments

Local treatments are sometimes offered:
Assessors puncture at the level of a joint
Infiltration of corticosteroids
Synoviorthese: A synoviorthese is injected into the joint product, chemical or radioactive, to destroy the epaissisment of the synovial membrane of the inflammatory manifestations.
The Arthroscopic, technical synoviectomie to withdraw, part or fully, of the synovial membrane of the joint.

Psychological approach

The discovery of a chronic disease often represents a genuine shock at the announcement of the diagnosis. Live with a rheumatoid arthritis requires many renunciations and the acceptance of a new way of life. Psychological assistance enables to learn better living with the disease
Functional rehabilitation

Functional rehabilitation is an integral part of the treatment of the disease. Occupational therapy, physiotherapy and equipment allow you to decrease the risk of aggravation and the appearance of deformations and participate to the maintains muscle strength in battling the stiffening.


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