Sunday, 7 April 2013

Gain a bit more height and get taller with heel lifts

How to grow taller? If you search for that on google you will find a ton of false information or even just people trying to sell you worthless books. Facts is if your growth plates have fused together it is actually impossible to grow taller.. yes you can stretch out your height and get taller this way. But the things is there is no actual cellular growth. Stretching exercises will basically take up a lot of time and require a considerable amount of effort... results can also take forever to start showing. However you will be healthier and have better posture. Now let me introduce you to something that you can wear whilst you wait for the effects of stretching to kick in.. Heel lifts.

Ever worn high heels or elevator shoes and find that they are uncomfortable? With heel lifts this isnt a problem as the orthotics support your heel and foot in the right natural position and help to support the arch of your foot as well! This all basically means that your foot will be better supported.. even more so than if you are just wearing regular shoes with flat insoles in...

The rich and famous wear heel lifts

Heel lifts can give you a hidden height.. not one that nobody will notice but one that people will not be able to know your wearing heel lifts to get it. Height increasing insoles have been around for a while now but all the stars and celebs have been taking full advantage of these insoles!
Becuase many heel lifts come with a stack system which allows you to gradually increase the height on your heels then you can actually trick people into believing that you are growing taller naturally!


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